My name is Tamia Baudouin, I am a French artist living in a Japanese remote island.
I make roughs and storyboards, character designs, concept arts and vis dev, animated gifs, illustrations and comics.
I also do workshops about comics with kids, teenagers and fearless adults.

I have worked for many clients in these different fields such as Casterman, Delcourt, Les éditions de la Table Ronde, Kùscomics, Coconino Press, Beehives Books, Topo, French TV Arte, Habitat, Hennessy,  Ramona Production, Agence Cake Design, musician band Rive, various municipalities, schools, hospitals and associations...

I can communicate in French, in English (but my accent is excruciating) and in Japanese (with enormous limitations). 

Feel free to contact me.​​​​​​​
Bibliography : 
"La Sape", with Gonzague Dupleix, Topo n°39, 2023.
"Pandora" n°5, periodical published by Casterman, 2020.
"Les Contes de Charles Perrault", with Béatrice Bottet, published by Casterman, 2019.
"Dans la forêt des lilas", with Nathalie Ferlut, published by Delcourt, 2019.
"Artemisia", with Nathalie Ferlut, published by Delcourt, 2017 (Translated in English, Italian and Polish, nominated for Artemisia Prize and selected by Centre Val de Loire French region for their contemporary literature awareness laboratory for students).
"Glitch", with Pierre Corbinais, Topo n°8, 2017.
"L'Iconographe", collective work published by Les éditions de la Table Ronde, 2017.
"Kùs Comics!", collective work linking comics and fashion, 2015.
Residencies :
2022, comic book residency-mission, 4 months, city of Antony, France.
2021, 1 month, cross-residency in Krakow, Poland, organised by CIBDI of Angoulême and 10th Krakow Comics Festival.
2021, 2 months for secondary school students of Hautes-Alpes, France.
2021, 2 months and a half for secondary school students of  Alpes de Haute-Provence, France.
2020, 3 months, artist residency in Segré-en-Anjou, France, working with teenagers and young adults. 
2018, artist residency at the Maison des auteurs, in Angoulême, France.

Contests :
2023, graphic writing scholarship with Anne Baraou from Aquitaine region, France.
2019, nominated for the “BD2020” comic contest of French Ministry of Culture.
2009, nominated for the “Young Talents” contest of the 36th Angoulême International Comics Festival.

Studies :
2009-2012 Saint-Luc Art School, Brussels, Belgium. Art degree with distinction.
2007-2009 Emile Cohl Art School for comic book and animation, Lyon, France.
2004-2007 High school diploma, Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, France, science with European English.